Context is the song 「その血の記憶」:

空白のラストページに…       Into [dative of motion towards] a blank LAST PAGE,

そのこぶしを叩き込めーッ!     [Star Platinum] will throw that fist (???)

End of THE WORLD!その血の記憶! End of THE WORLD! That blood's memory!


Point of confusion is 叩き込め. It definitely derives from 叩{たた}き込{こ}む. The conjugation is the problem.

  • It ends in an e-series mora so it should be either imperative or participial.
  • me is not a valid contraction for any *ite, so it can't be participial.
  • Therefore it's imperative, "Throw that fist into a blank LAST PAGE!"

Although this makes syntactic sense it seems wrong, as if this were an imperative it would be the only imperative in the entire song which would be a massive shift in structure. What is the syntax here?

(For the record, the JoJo wiki translates this into english with a future indicative.)

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This 叩き込め is nothing but an imperative (i.e., "Crusaders, throw your fist!"). Although 叩き込め is the only imperative verb in the entire lyrics, it's used four times, so you can think it's the main "message" of the song.

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