Is there a term for vaping? The use of flavored type devices for vaping. I found the word denki tabako for the device. I was wondering what the verb would be. Thank you.


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'To vape' is 電子タバコを吸う

The noun 電子タバコ literally means electronic cigarette and the verb 吸う has many meanings aside (not just smoking), it can also mean to inhale, breathe, suck etc.

This Japanese game (はぁって言うゲーム) has a card that shows how versatile the 吸う verb is (funnily enough, none of which involve smoking).

enter image description here

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    @Darius, 回答欄に、是非^^
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  • @DariusJahandarie Thank you, I have replaced it with the more appropriate noun
    – Ambo100
    Sep 21, 2019 at 16:06
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