This is a sentence I'm struggling to fully understand:

高校生になった少女たちに揃い制服を着せ、ボタンをきちんととめている、指定通りのネクタイを締めている、いちいち干渉し、その上でさらに靴からマフラーからヘアアクセサリーにいたるまで、細かく取決めや 禁止事項を設けることへの、疑問がないと言えば嘘になる

I think it's about things high school students have to do as regulation, and it's saying that would be a lie to say there were no issue about what regulations permit or ban; but I'm not sure about the meaning of in にもなった, and of in ボタンをきちんととめているか、指定通りのネクタイを締めているか (something like とか, meaning "or/something like", maybe?).


In this context, も emphasizes the meaning of the sentence. As seen in definition 1 in this dictionary, に and も can work together to put stress on the word 高校生.

Let's see the slight difference between に and にも using your example.

  • 「高校生 なった少女たちに揃い制服を着せ...」 tells us just the fact that the school (or somebody) makes their female students wear a uniform.
  • 「高校生 にも なった少女たちに揃い制服を着せ...」 means that even the high school girls have to wear a uniform. Sometimes, the sentence implicitly includes the writer's opinion such as "high school girls are matured enough, but they have to wear a uniform (like children)."

In this context, か expresses doubt rather than "or/something like", and it can be replaced by かどうか.

「ボタンをきちんととめている、指定通りのネクタイを締めている、いちいち干渉し」means that people interfere with how the girls wear their uniform, for example, whether they properly button up their shirt, or whether they tie an approved tie.

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  • Thanks. I'm not sure of the full translation; it's something like Once high school students, girls wear matching uniforms, and people interfer with on whether they properly button up their shirt, or whether they tie an approved tie, from top to shoes, scarf and hair accessories, and it would be a lie to say there weren't issues with regarding each small agreed and banned item? – Mauro Sep 14 '19 at 16:55
  • 1
    ^ @Mauro, Hee.. Where did you get that translation? – Chocolate Sep 16 '19 at 1:36
  • It's my best guess using jackie's answer, but I'm not really sure about it, it's a sentence I'm struggling to fully understand. – Mauro Sep 16 '19 at 7:33

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