I've been watching anime and came across this sentence:


I can't understand the meaning of かどうかという in this sentence.

The context is that the village is isolated, and it only has one classroom and one teacher. This is the MC monologue about this.


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verb + かどうか is a grammar pattern that roughly means either of:

In your example, かどうか is used in the latter sense. For example, 生きるか死ぬかです means "We may or may not survive" or "We are in a life-or death situation". Click the above link to see some more examples.


(literally) As for this settlement, even if we counted everyone, there may or may not be 15 people.
→ There are only 15 people or so at most in this settlement.

a settlement which has only 15 people or so at most

(literally) It's the deserted-ness to the point where there are only 15 people at most.

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