In a comment on this question it was pointed out that the combination "をだけ" appears a lot in a Google search, despite my thought that it was ungrammatical. On closer inspection it seems that many of these hits are of the form をだけを. Here's an example:

It's no good if you're only looking out for your weight (not sure about my translation)

It seems to occur far too often for this to be a typo.

What's going on here?

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    I am surprised that there are many をだけを. – Yuuichi Tam Sep 6 at 16:40
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    「にだけに」「のだけの」「がだけが」とかも結構ヒットしますね・・ – Chocolate Sep 6 at 16:47
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    Bizarre... must be a typo but I don’t understand why there would be so many. – Darius Jahandarie Sep 6 at 21:47
  • The initial number of about 1.4 million hits for をだけを -- and keep in mind, this applies to all Google searches in general -- is misleading. Navigating to the last page of results reveals only about 120 hits. – Setris Sep 7 at 3:44
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    @Setris でも、"をだけ" と "だけを" で同じようにやっても、最初は多いんですけど、最後のページまで行ったら、それぞれ「Page 14 of about 135 results」「Page 26 of about 251 results」になってしまうんです。。 "をだけを" が120なら、"だけを" や "をだけ" はもっと多くてもよさそうなのに。 いつも思うんですけど、グーグルって、こういうとこ、どうなってんですかね。。 – Chocolate Sep 13 at 2:40

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