B: 「あ!店にけいたい電話おいてきてしまったからとりにもどらないと。」

I don't really understand the function or meaning of ~きて here. Could someone help me parse this part grammatically? Why おいてきてしまった instead of おいてしまった?

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This ~きて means ~来て (to come)

おいてきて(置いて来て) literally means (I put and came here)

Putting it together:

店にけいたい電話おいてきてしまった I left my phone at the store (lit. I put my phone at the store and came here unintentionally)

Japanese often indicates the motion following the verb:

ペンを買ってくる - to buy and bring a pen here

トイレに行ってくる - to go to the toilet and come back

This might help you understand.

  • Thanks. I wasn't sure if it was being used in a literal physical sense or time/change based sense. I guess I was overthinking it. The linked article helps a lot!
    – octosquakk
    Commented Sep 5, 2019 at 5:19

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