I'd like to ask how can I say in Japanese 'a friend of mine reminded me this great band'? I thought I should use the ~思い出させてくれる form, but I guess it still too difficult for me.

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    Welcome to JLU! This sounds too much like a "Please translate for me" question, which usually get closed. I suggest rewording your question to include what you think might be correct, why you think so, and then ask for any pointers. "Show your research" as it were. – istrasci Oct 6 '12 at 15:40

I just wanna give a little tip: there is this site I use when I wanna look up for direct translations: http://eow.alc.co.jp

You type what you wanna know in the search bar and then a bunch of example sentences will show. For example, if you type "remind", some sentences written in english will show, along with their japanese counterparts. Sometimes it will return 0 results, and sometimes not that many sentences will show up either, but I find it pretty useful for me. There are also these ones I find out recently when I was looking up for a specific pattern:

http://endic.naver.jp http://ejje.weblio.jp

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