This is a line from the song 「結婚しようよ」by 吉田{よしだ}拓郎{たくろう} (youtube link)

Relevant piece of lyrics:






When I googled it, I came across 膝を叩く which seems to be used when you "get" something (an element of surprise where you tap your knees to show it) but I don't think it has that meaning here.

Also, I could not find a proper meaning for ひざっこぞう but I could find a meaning for ひざこぞう (kneecap) which means the っ is probably used for emphasis.


First of all, your interpretation of 「ひざっこぞう」 is correct.

ひざっこぞう = ひざこぞう = ひざ = most technically, ひざ頭{がしら}

By adding the こぞう(小僧)= "a little boy", it personifies the word 「ひざ」 = "kneecap".

Regarding the meaning of 「ひざっこぞうをたたいてみるよ」, I have always thought (in Japanese, of course, as I did not speak a word of English when this song came out) that it meant something along the lines of "I'll slap my thigh (and cavort around.)".

In other words, it means to me "I'll be saying 'This is it! I've gotta marry her (or propose to her)!'"

  • Why community wiki?
    – Chocolate
    Sep 4 '19 at 4:35
  • いあ、解答ゆうよりも個人的見解に近いと思うたさかいに・・ Sep 4 '19 at 5:26
  • Does personifying the knee signify something? Is this the reason why there's and cavort around. nuance to the sentence as well? Overall I understood what you are saying (that personal anecdote helped). Thank you so much!
    – vadasambar
    Sep 6 '19 at 2:11

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