From this sentence I read:


How am I supposed to pronounce μ秒 ? Should I pronounce it as "mu byou"? or "micro byou"? I also looked up μm (micrometer) and found that it is マイクロメートル. I found a few other ones that are just loanwords like マイクロアンペア for μA. Can this convention be applied to 秒 as well?

Is there a convention to use with other measurements too? For example "pico", "nano", "femto"?

  • Which western language that is a common source for Japanese vocabulary sets a precedent for reading the μ prefix as "myuu" instead of some cognate of "micro"?
    – Kaz
    May 5, 2020 at 20:36

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μ as a character (記号) would be pronounced ミュー. But when used as a measurement I would agree with @Teno's findings that it will be pronounced マイクロ, based off of the link he provided.

If you take a look at the Wikipedia page for 秒 you'll find that they write out マイクロ秒 on the page (though not in direct relation to μ秒), http://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/秒.


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