I am writing a letter to a Japanese girl that I like and I want to finish by simply saying "I miss you". I don't trust Google Translate and there seem to be a few ways to say it online. What is the most appropriate expression for this context?

Can I just say: 会いたい ?

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    But there isn't "the" most appropriate expression regardless of context, relationship, and other circumstances. If she's already your girlfriend, 会いたい is a safe option. – broccoli forest Aug 24 at 16:34

恋しい is what you want. Can be used for other things you miss too, like mom's home cooking. :D


I use. and have seen used elsewhere 会わないで寂しい (あわないでさびしい)

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    会わないで寂しい sounds unnatural/incorrect, I'm afraid... What you saw was probably 会えなくて寂しい, no? – Chocolate Aug 23 at 23:27

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