What is the difference between these two sentences?



Both sentences mean "I've already eaten sushi", right? But what situation would I use もう食べた in? And when would I use 食べたことがある?

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1) 「寿司{すし}を食{た}べたことがある。」

2) 「寿司をもう食べた。」

The first sentence can only mean one thing and the second can mean two very different things.

1) can only mean "I have eaten sushi before." This person has already experienced eating sushi. The speaker, therefore, would almost always be a non-Japanese person.

2) can mean the exact same as 1) and an additional thing, which is:

"I have already eaten the sushi."

The meal happened to be sushi that time. Thus, for this meaning, the speaker can well be a Japanese person.

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