That's it, essentially. What differentiates these two ways to indicate a turn? So far, I had only heard 左に曲がる/右に曲がる, but recently I heard 左折/右折 in the GPS of a car. At first I thought that the latter was just a noun version, more than an action, but I've seen examples where the latter seems to also be used as a する verb (i.e. 自動車は左折した). Is it more car-related? A Google image search for the latter only shows car-driving related pictures.

Thanks in advance !!


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右折する、左折する refer only to cars, bicycles, busses, and other vehicles on road (I think airplanes can 右折 while on road, not flying) 右に曲がる 左に曲がる is used in various ways.


  • I see, thank you !
    – JPB
    Aug 18, 2019 at 8:13

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