That's it, essentially. What differentiates these two ways to indicate a turn? So far, I had only heard 左に曲がる/右に曲がる, but recently I heard 左折/右折 in the GPS of a car. At first I thought that the latter was just a noun version, more than an action, but I've seen examples where the latter seems to also be used as a する verb (i.e. 自動車は左折した). Is it more car-related? A Google image search for the latter only shows car-driving related pictures.

Thanks in advance !!


右折する、左折する refer only to cars, bicycles, busses, and other vehicles on road (I think airplanes can 右折 while on road, not flying) 右に曲がる 左に曲がる is used in various ways.


  • I see, thank you ! – JPB Aug 18 '19 at 8:13

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