I found this sentence in a book for kids.


There are many meanings on the internet but i can't quite understand its meaning.

Thank you all :)

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    Out of all the meanings you found, which one do you think it is?
    – istrasci
    Aug 14, 2019 at 21:50

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is quite different in meaning from


in that you can 話す to/with someone for hours if you wanted, but you cannot 声をかける to someone for longer than a minute or two.

That is because the basic meaning of 「声をかける」 is "to strike a conversation", which means that it refers to the first couple of phrases or sentences uttered.

Thus, if you just said "Hi!" to another person, you already 声をかけた to him/her.


~に声をかける simply means talk to in a normal mild tone in that context.
It can also mean to mention an event to someone to stimulate their participation or just to invite them.


In this case, it simply means to call out to. The lion called out to the goat.

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