i want to make sentence "Japan is famous for its work culture. I want to upgrade myself there". And i got this on google translate "日本は労働文化で有名です。 そこで自分自身をアップグレードしたい。" It is correct? Or can you tell me similliar sentence like this.

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  • Upgrade refers to systems. jisho.org/search/upgrade – JACK Aug 10 at 15:23
  • 日本は労働文化で有名です。 <-- ? 意味がよくわかんないです。アップグレード <-- 「グレードアップ」ですかね? – Chocolate Aug 11 at 3:08
  • I mean I want to make the phrase "I want to improve my self in Japan" 自分を高めたい – mita cita Aug 11 at 4:03
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If by "upgrade" you mean "improve" or "better" oneself, you could use one of the following, instead of アップグレード (which is more used in technological contexts):

自分を高めたい : I want to enhance myself.

or maybe, for something a bit stronger, you could go with:

自分を向上させたい : I want to (cause) improve(ment in) myself.

or perhaps:

自分を成長させたい : I want to (cause) develop(ment in) myself.

Which is best fit use will probably depend on the exact context/nuance of what you are trying to say, but I think any of these will get the meaning across. The most straightforward of these I think is 自分を高めたい.

  • Haha yes, improve. Thank you. – mita cita Aug 11 at 3:56

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