I searched 修飾's meaning and it described "美しくつくろい飾ること"

I know what 美しく's meaning but I don't know つくろい. Can anyone explain it ? enter image description here

^ Picture here


As you know, I hope, all verbs and adjectives conjugate in Japanese.

「つくろ」 is the 連用形{れんようけい} ("continuative form") of the verb 「つくろ/繕{つくろ}う」.

Thus, 「つくろ飾{かざ}る」=「つくろう」+「飾る」

「つくろう」 means "to repair" and 「飾る」, "to decorate". So, 「つくろ飾る」 means "to beautify", "to embellish", etc.

「つくろ飾る」 is a compound verb and that is why the first verb is in its 連用形. You just cannot say 「つくろ飾る」.

Extra Info: There was an enormously successful advertising copy for a supermarket chain in the early 80's, which read:


It was all in kana because they wanted you to appreciate the phonetic flow of it. Using Kanji for the three verbs would have destroyed that purpose. It was created by 林真理子{はやしまりこ} in case any of you are fans.

  • Thank you very much !! I am very confused by this 繕う why it has to be in kana. Can you explain me more ? I think つくろう has its kanji but why Japanese choose to use hiragana ? Anyway thank you very much – Kiw Aug 13 '19 at 1:54

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