Someone jokingly asked for a present when I wished him happy birthday, and unfortunately he's in Japan and I'm in another country. How can I say:

Sorry, maybe next time when we visit Japan again.

Maybe in a casual manner? Is:

"sumimasen, mata kondo de"

appropriate enough?

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「すみません、また今度で 」
sumimasen, mata kondo de

is certainly appropriate enough. But, you need to add 「日本{にほん}」 「また今度{こんど}(日本{にほん})であった時で」

Another variation,

「ごめん、また次{つぎ}日本{にほん}であった時{とき}に(プレゼントを贈{おく}るよ : I will give you a present.)」

How about that.

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