I know that ww means laugh/warau. Are there any other romaji-based acronyms used in japanese chats only? Please provide the acronym and meaning if possible. I searched online and found many hiragana and katakana expressions. I am focused on romaji based acronyms.


See KY語 in Wikipedia. There is even a dictionary for this type of words, but this trend is something in the past, and most of them are completely forgotten.

As of 2019, ones that are still sometimes used include:

  • mjd?: マジで? "Really?", "Are you sure?"
  • ktkr: キタコレ "Yay!", "Here it comes!"
  • kwsk: 詳しく "Tell me more about that."
  • gkbr: ガクブル
  • ggrks: ググレカス "Google it yourself", "giyf"
  • ks: カス/クソ "shit / crap"
  • BBA: ババア "old woman"
  • KY: 空気読めない "cannot read between the lines", "insensitive"
  • JK: 常識的に考えて "based on common sense", "if you think logically"
  • G: ゴキブリ "cockroach"
  • TKG: 卵かけご飯 "egg on rice"
  • JD: 女子大生 "female university student"
  • JK: 女子高生 "high school girl"
  • JC: 女子中学生 "middle school girl"
  • JS: 女子小学生 "elementary school girl"
  • DT: 童貞 "(male) virgin"
  • NTR: 寝取られ "cuckold"

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