Recently I want to change my massive coin into money . I heard about I can change coin to bank account money at ATM in Tokyo , so I went to bank ATM . But I couldn't choose English language on screen so I came back without doing anything .

I want to know what will it written of deposit coin into bank account in Japanese ?


First of all, finding a way to switch the panel to English must be a lot easier than anything written below. Just press ENGLISH or LANGUAGE on screen. If the touchscreen did not work, try another machine.

Next, check if your ATM has an opening like this:


If it doesn't, the machine does not support coins. ATMs in convenience stores generally do not support coins.

Next, here are minimum words needed:

  • 預入{あずけいれ} / 預け{あずけ}入れ{いれ} / 入金{にゅうきん}: deposit (putting money into your account)
  • 硬貨{こうか}: coin
  • 紙幣{しへい}: bill (paper money)
  • 確認: confirmed / proceed

Next, this is a step-by-step instruction to deposit coins using Mitsubishi UFJ Bank's ATM.

Lastly, remember that the coin slot may not open unless you explicitly push the 硬貨 / COINS button on screen. (Maybe because it's mechanically delicate?)

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