I understand the differences between using "ga" and "wo" for action verbs and static verbs, but what about for adjectives? For example, typically you would say Xが怖い, but I see several cases where it's written Xを怖い (sometimes before something like と思う or と感じる, but sometimes even in these situations it still uses "ga")

Some examples from a Japanese article:

Using "ga"

  • 結婚が怖い
  • 結婚が怖いと感じる理由を紹介します

Using "wo"

  • 結婚を「怖い」と感じる
  • 結婚を怖いと思う人
  • あなたは結婚するのを怖いと思いますか?

Is it sometimes "wo" when it's part of a phrase or are there any other clear linguistic rules for the difference in usage here?



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