I tried looking up what 「コミュニケーションがとれる」 means, but from the examples that I've seen, all I can understand is that it just means "to communicate". Is there something more to this phrase that I'm not seeing?

These are the examples that I was referring to. Why isn't this just 「コミュニケーションができる」? What exactly is 「とる」 in this case?


コミュニケーションがとれる = to be able to communicate. コミュニケーションをとる = to communicate.

In my experience, it is used a lot to speak about communication skills. So it's more than just being able to be heard and to hear.

You could say


about a team where all members speak a lot to each others.

  • I don't understand how "a team where all members speak a lot to each others" is representative of having communication skills. Is it similar to "a team of members who communicate with each other well"?
    – Chris
    Oct 1 '12 at 7:26
  • Yes. I wanted to say that it's not pure physical communication like the phone line is working. It's more human level.
    – oldergod
    Oct 1 '12 at 7:38

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