For example, Lesson 19. Would it be:

1) 授業19
2) 十九番目の授業

Would I use 学課, instead of 授業?

I'm a complete beginner, as well, I am literally starting from scratch, on my own.



You can say one of the following:

  • レッスン19 (common)
  • 第【だい】19講【こう】 (traditional and stiff)
  • 授業19 (make sense but less common)

19番目の授業 is grammatical but sounds like "the nineteenth lesson" rather than "lesson 19". 学課 usually refers to a 'course' rather than individual lessons.

  • This is good stuff. I will review it and potentially post a reply, in the form of a question. Regards. – michalinator Jul 29 '19 at 19:03

I would say 第19課 is the most common, as that's what at least three of my textbooks use.

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