the sentence it's from コテッと首をかしげる

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    According to the venerable Google Translate, that sentence means "I will wear my head." :P Commented Jul 28, 2019 at 3:46

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「コテッ(と)」 is an onomatopoeia used to describe a sudden and/or quick lean or fall to one side by an object.

'Thus, 「コテッと首{くび}をかしげる」 means "to put one's head on one side". 「コテッと」 would not necessarily need to be translated here.

We have another 「コテッ(と)」 that describes a food item, which means "very oily". These are two different onomatopoeias that happen to be spelt the same.

Ours is a country of mountains, forests, rivers and onomatopoeias.

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