I've been reading a book in Japanese in order to learn new kanji, words, etc., but I've come across something I can't seem to translate. The sentence is as follows.


I'm familiar with all the words and grammar within the sentence, and, based on context clues, I think I have a rough understanding of what this sentence means. But I'm a bit uncertain of what なり切ってしまう actually means, as I don't think we're talking about the verb 'to cut'. It's my understanding that 切る has a good handful of other meanings, so I thought it must be one of those which I'm unfamiliar with.

And, to give a little bit of context in case that helps, this is from Edogawa Ranpo's novel「怪人二十面相」and the sentence above is describing the thief's ability to disguise himself.


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「なり切る」 means "to really get into the role", "to act a role perfectly", etc.

「なる」 in this expression means "to become ~~" in the sense of "to play the role of ~~"

「切る」 here means "to do something completely or to the end".

"From tycoon to beggar, scholar to scoundrel, and even a woman -- (this man) is said to be capable of acting any kind of role just perfectly."

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