Kojima tells Itou to quit his cram school


伊藤:うざいんだ 家庭教師って

I am struggling with the bolded phrase, I think he says something to the meaning of "What are you going to do with just two people in a room" but think I may be missing something because I am not sure if どーも can be interpreted that way since I can't find a use case.

て I think might be short for という but in that case I would expect って so I am not 100% sure about that either.


The dictionary form of:


would be:


In this context, 「どうも」 is used for an ambiguous expression of a (somewhat) negative feeling. It is similar in meaning to 「なんだか」、「ちょっと」 or 「なんとなく」. This 「どうも」 is used quite often in informal speech as it saves us the trouble of selecting adjectives.

For a translation, I might use "dunno how to put it, but it's kinda meh (to me)" or simply, "It's kinda... y'know."

So, this speaker is implying that the idea of being alone with a private tutor in a room does not appeal to him.

Finally, 「て」 surely means the same as 「って」 and 「という」 here. In colloquial speech, some young people use 「て」 instead of 「って」 in recent years.


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