From manga where student is being scolded.




It's a long sentence so I'm having trouble.

I think I can understand that the teacher has a meeting next week. It's the following words I'm confused with. Is the teacher saying the student's about to fail?

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    Isn't there a break between あるの and 出席? Jul 15 '19 at 7:25

"It's a long sentence so I'm having trouble."

Long sentences are not too often used in manga. Sentences just tend to "look" long to Japanese-learners because there are practically no punctuations used in manga.

「日数{にっすう}」 simply means what the two kanji would suggest -- "the number of days".

Thus, 「[出席]{しゅっせき}日数」 means "the (total) number of days attended (at school)".

"We have a meeting next week."

"(We will discuss whether) you have attended school for a sufficient number of days."

"and whether you have not received too many F's."

「赤点{あかてん}」 is a school slang for "Fail".


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