I've come across a portion of dialog, which has some grammar that I have not seen before. Focusing on the portion in bold, what is the purpose of て form plus てね? What does てね mean and is it a shortened version of something?

待っててねー!! キミのこと すぐに見つけるからーーー!!!

My translation: Wait!! Pal, because I'm coming to find you right now!!!


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待っててね is an abbreviation for 待っていてね.

待っていてね = 待っていて + ね

待っていて = (待っている、の連用形、待ってい) + て(終助詞)

待っている = 待って + いる

待って = 待ちて(=待つ、の連用形、待ち、+ て(接続助詞)) の 音便


Basically, て of 終助詞 means a request or a desire. て+ね is not that different, but I feel the latter has a slight stronger intention for confirmation.

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