So Link (this elf kid) walks into an weapons shop and the seller/vendor says:


I guess he's saying:

If you want to buy weapons, I sell everything, provided you have the money! Muhaha!

やったら 1. if that's the case​ なんでも売ってる I sell everything

But this translation is a bit off, doesn't sound smooth.



This is Kansai speech.

やったら = だったら ≒ なら

売ってるで = 売ってるよ

やなあ = だなあ

Highly literal TL:

"If it's about weapons, I sell everything; It (what you can get) would all depend on the gold nuggets (that you have)."

More naturally:

"When it comes to weapons, I've got it all. Money will talk."

  • @ l'électeur That's perfect! I once received a spot on, accurate translation for this question from an email response someone sent me over a decade ago, but I lost the darn message years ago. I only wrote the translation based off what little memory I might have left, but I still had a feeling it was a little off. Thanks a million! – SomaRise Jul 13 '19 at 13:09

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