I am trying to understand the sentence 人の批難など一切気にかけようともなさらない。However, I have not been able to parse かけようとも into any words and particles I can identify or find in a dictionary.

So I want to know 1) what are the words/particles in this piece of the sentence, and 2) what does 一切気にかけようともなさらない mean?


気にかける is a set phrase which means "to care about", "to worry about". 一切 (+ ない) is "(not) at all". This 一切 is a stiff negative polarity item that works like まったく. よう + と + する is "to try to do ~", and なさる is an honorific version of する. など and も are for emphasis.

  • 人の批難を気にかける: to worry about other's criticism
  • 人の批難を気にかけようとする: to try to worry about other's criticism
  • 人の批難を気にかけようとなさる: (honorific version of the above)
  • 人の批難を一切気にかけようとなさらない: not to try to care about other's criticism at all
  • 人の批難など一切気にかけようとなさらない: (emphatic version of the above)

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