I'm playing a game and looking at an item description. But for the life of me I cannot find out what grammar concept is behind the bold portion of the description.

I know the verb being used is 噛む (to chew). But I don't know how we got to 噛みちぎれない. It seems like its the verb stem 噛み plus negative ちぎれる. But I can't find anything on the verb stem + another verb

The item description is

噛みちぎれないほど 硬~いフランスパン。でも 困った事にとても美味しいのである。 Something about not chewing hard French bread. But its very delicious for the annoyance.

  • I'm almost sure it's 噛みちぎれない. – broccoli facemask Jul 5 '19 at 6:00
  • It most definitely is. Just double checked and I have been reading it wrong this whole time... Still not sure how ちぎれない works though – Tylersansan Jul 5 '19 at 6:02
  • Oh wow its complete word in the potential form. When I tried searching on Jisho it split the word between 噛み and ちぎれない. Thanks for the correct link! – Tylersansan Jul 5 '19 at 6:16
  • 1
    But I can't find anything on the verb stem + another verb. How is that possible when compound verbs are so common in Japanese? – l'électeur Jul 5 '19 at 8:05

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