V る + とおり(に)
V た + とおり(に)
NOUN + の + とおり(に)


as in this example, とおり can only be used with only verbs and nouns but not with adjective.What could be the simplest explanation to do so ? is it because Adjective is Quality(bad-good or feature), but why could not ..please explain

also Like とおり there are lot patterns which can only be used with verbs and nouns only but not with adjectives..Grammatical explanation ??

  • I'm really confused what you're trying to ask – Ringil Jun 27 at 15:41
  • I am equally also unsure of what you are asking. Please take the time to phrase and format your question clearly; your questions will get answered quicker that way! – henreetee Jun 27 at 16:23

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