I am trying to state a goal to produce something, such as: 目的 は 成果 を 生むて います。 Is this the proper conjugation to indicate I plan to do this?

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The verb 生{う}む, which means "to birth, or to produce" conjugates as such, when linking to います:


However, be aware that the -ています style of conjugation refers to an action in progress, which may not be what you want to express.

For stating your goal, you could use ことです instead, like so:


That being said, this could be a very "simple" way of expressing this. I definitely suggest you look around to see how best to word this kind of phrase in Japanese for a business context, if that's your end goal.

  • This is very helpful, thank you again @psosuna! Commented Jun 26, 2019 at 21:30

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