What does シン mean in シン・ゴジラ? My dictionary says "thin."

Online comments imply that it "could mean true, new, God, shaking, and so on." That's a long stretch away.

I assume that 'shin gojira' is just a phonetic variation and that 'Godzilla: Resurgence' a creative translation (for commercial purposes, to differentiate it from all the other Godzilla movies).


Since シン is written in katakana, the meaning is not very clear even to a native speaker who sees this title. Under the hood, this シン has multiple meanings by intention. According to this article:


Director Hideaki Anno gave the title due to the variety of meanings シン conveys, such as "new" (新), "true" (真), and "God" (神).

新 and 真 are both common prefixes for a sequel. The meaning of "shaking" is probably 震. Some may recall English "sin", too, but I don't know how "thin" relates to Godzilla.

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