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Translation is:

Yup. The only son of the Sugiki I hate.

What does とこの do here?


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杉木さんとこの is semantically the same as 杉木さんところの ("of Sugiki's family").

  • とこ is colloquialism for ところ ("place", or in this case "house" or "family").
  • The particle の before ところ often turns into ん in speech (e.g., 彼のとこ → 彼んとこ, あいつのとこ → あいつんとこ), but when there is already ん before it, the double ん will be contracted to single ん. For example 奥さんのとこ(ろ) contracts to 奥さんとこ, not 奥さんんとこ .

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