I have the following sentence, where I get the main meaning.


"(Though) I am a student, I can't take much alcohol because I get high even from one beer as in binge-drinking."

but what is the role of とも言えないが? So far, I think I understand ...とも言えない as "I am not really sure about ..." or " ...? I can't even say".

But what is the meaning of this phrase with this particle が ? Does it act as "but"? "But I can't even say (that)?" Obviously, the speaker knows that he gets high from a single beer. So why adding the uncertainty?


So I think you got the general gist of the sentence. But, you translate:



one beer as in binge-drinking

I'm not sure why you said that, but the の just acts in its normal fashion. I think you should consider it as something like

one beer of binge-drinking

Then the parenthetical comment of とも言えないが can be understood as something like

Well it can't really be called binge-drinking but...

Here the が acts like but and the thing that is 言えない is calling what he does binge-drinking.

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