I am reading Osamu Dazai's 「人間失格」.


When I read this sentence as a whole, I think 姿勢 means attitude, way of thinking etc., but when I read the phrase 「自分の生きている姿勢」, without the context of the entire sentence, it does not make sense.

Here are the possible meanings I can think of for 「自分の生きている姿勢」

  • my living posture ? (this sounds weird)

  • the way of thinking I am living with ?

Why is 生きている used with in this sentence ? What exactly does 「生きている姿勢」mean here ?

Thank you :)


This 姿勢 (literally "stance") refers to a "way" of doing something, and 自分の生きている姿勢 is roughly the same as 自分の生き方 or "my way of living".

(living a life embracing the sense of guilt) may have been one of the (possible) ways of my life, and ...

  • Thank you! It makes a lot more sense now.
    – vadasambar
    Jun 11 '19 at 2:08

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