Found this word here. https://gigazine.net/news/20110530_how_words_are_formed_in_the_brain/


I've looked it up and came up with "妄想" meaning "delusion" and "漏れ" meaning "leakage". I'm lost on what ダダ means here.

I tried looking for other examples and found this on twitter: https://twitter.com/storyer0519/status/949526914934349824



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だだ is a relatively rare prefix that works as an intensifier.



So basically it's something like "super-", but this is used only with a few words, and it is no longer productive. だだ黒い is almost obsolete now, and perhaps だだ漏れ and だだ下がり (as in テンションだだ下がり "to be completely turned off") are the only words that are commonly in use today. You may think of them as distinct no-adjectives.

妄想ダダ漏れの下書き means "a draft that doesn't hide my fantasy at all".

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