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In the video game Ehrgeiz, there is a sentence which is spoken is Japanese, then subtitled, which was localized well, but I'd like to know what the sentence is really saying.

I put some sentences for context

クレア: でも、それがもし本当の不老不死の秘鑰のことだったら、太古の昔から、東西の覇者たちが失った究極の秘宝でしょ? 見つかったら、凄いことですね!
Clair: "But if that's really the secret of immortality, isn't it the ultimate treasure that rulers everywhere have sought after since ancient times? It'll be sensational if we find it!"

増田: まぁ、な・・・
Koji: "Definitely."

クレア: わあ、これぞ古代のロマンって感じじゃない!
Clair: "Wow. This is the ultimate dream of any archaeologist!

I'm getting excited already!"

Google translate: This is not an ancient romance!

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    Google translate: This is not an ancient romance! ← Two things that Google Translate does not seem to know: 1) 「じゃない」in this context is affirmative in its usage and 2) there is a huge difference in meaning between ロマン and ロマンス. – l'électeur Jun 9 at 16:49

古代の is just ancient, so I assume you're interested in the meaning of ロマン. First, it's completely different from ロマンス/romance (although romance may be etymologically related).

ロマン (or 浪漫 in kanji) is a word that derived from romanticism in English. Today, it's somewhat a vague term used in various ways, but when it's used to describe the characteristic of a thing, I think it has two different meanings.

  1. Nostalgic attractiveness; beauty of good old days. See 大正ロマン. Western people may feel 浪漫 in the Wild West culture or the Caribbean pirates culture.
  2. Attractiveness that is felt intuitively but cannot be analyzed by logic and reason; attractiveness despite its practical merit; indescribable coolness. This is a more slangy meaning; see ロマン in nicopedia.

In your case, "archaeologist's dream" seems to be a good free translation to me, but if you want a more literal one, "dream of the ancient times" should do. Something like "This is exactly what I expect from the ancient times!" may be another option.

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