The sentence:


translates to

I am not the same as before

according to the anki deck I am currently using. I can't see why it means this (maybe because I don't understand what the とは particle means in this case) no matter how i look at it. Any help would be appreciated


This とは is a simple combination of two independent particles. This と is a particle that marks a comparison target. This は is the topic/contrast marker. As you may know, the topic marker can directly follow から, まで, に, で, etc.

If you haven't learned ~と違う yet, let's memorize it as a common set phrase meaning "to differ from ~".

これまでの私 is a noun phrase meaning "my past self", "the old me". So a very literal translation of the sentence would be "As for (the comparison with) my past self, (it) differs."

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