While reading manga a character stole a power from another guy and said:


I wonder what's the use of the て-form in みたい?. What would be the difference with こいつの力を試してみたいな


It's an example of te-form for reason, but the subsequent part ("I'm doing this" or "I stole this power") is omitted because it can be inferred from the context. In short, this te-form means "because".

  • 試す: to try it
  • 試してみる: to try it and see what happens (みる is a subsidiary verb explained here)
  • 試してみたい: to want to try it and see what happens
  • 試してみたく: cuz I wanna try it and see what happens
  • Awesome, thanks! – Chrollo Jun 3 '19 at 0:45

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