I've just read these in a book but I'm not quite sure what these words mean - there's not much at all on the Internet about them either.

I think 習々年 might mean "over the years" as 習々 seems to mean "light breeze", so "a gentle passing of the years" might make sense.

I'm a bit less sure of 習年 though.

Any help would be much appreciated :)

Context: ..., その年と習年, そして習々年までも耕作を禁じられた。

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    That kanji is 翌, not 習. 翌年 means "next year", and 翌々年 is the year after that. – naruto May 27 at 9:57
  • Tut! Sorry, you're right... I'm going blind. It was small print but even so...need better glasses! – user3379824 May 27 at 11:41

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