When saying “I miss you” which of these is more frequently used? Do they have different nuances?

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    I think 会いたい is the best overall choice here. 愛しい (itoshii) is another similar word, though that is more literary and less likely to be used in conversation. – Locksleyu May 23 at 21:15

Depends on the situation.

寂しい is to openly admit that you are also lonely.

We don't say such a thing as often as American people say 'I miss you'.

That's embarrassing.

  • i’m not sure i would say it’s embarrassing, hahaha – jacoballens May 23 at 21:15
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    @jacoballens To a Japanese person used to Japanese customs and the Japanese way of thinking and feeling about emotions, it's embarrassing. I'd be more careful about passing judgment that quickly on what people may say. – psosuna May 23 at 22:12
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    you’re right! i apologize and different countries have different views on expressing emotion. it’s not my place to give an opinion on it – jacoballens May 23 at 22:47

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