I read this line from this blog: https://boundary.futureartist.net/diary/104512


Does "酒入ってる" mean drink alcohol? Why not just use 飲む?


「お酒{さけ}が入{はい}っている」or in the shortened form as in the example「お酒{さけ}入{はい}ってる」means "to contain alcohol". The sentence as a whole would translate like


"This is so sweet and delicious, it (almost) makes you doubt whether it even contains alcohol."

or something to that effect. The "so (x) that it makes you doubt whether it contains alcohol"/「ほんまにお酒入ってるかと疑うほど」here is used in the rhetorical sense to emphasize how different the taste is compared to that of other alcoholic beverages.

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