I often hear "ひとどうし" in casual conversation, and I am never sure of its exact meaning.

I am not talking about 恋人同士, 大人同士, 日本人同士, 他人同士, etc.

Surprisingly, 人同士 is not in my dictionary nor ALC, almost no examples show up on the web, so I am starting to believe that "ひとどうし" might be only the product of my imagination. I only found those examples:




外国籍市民を取り巻く友好の輪が広がり、様々な 文化背景を持つ人同士仲良く暮らせるように本書が活用されますこ とをお祈り申し上げます。




It's because 知らない人同士 is 知らない人 + 同士 rather than 知らない + 人同士. 同士 is a word that can be attached to any noun that represents a person (or sometimes an object). There is no grammatical difference between 恋人同士, 友達同士, 先生同士, 似た者同士 and 知らない人同士.

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