When speaking to a couple, I had difficulties referring to them collectively, as I try to express "both of you".

What is the best way to refer to the both of them, instead of 「A」さんと「B」さん? Would ふたりは 東京に いきましたか be a good expression to ask, "Have the both of you been to Tokyo?"

Also, how to I express "they/them", as in "that group of people (over there)"? あそこの人達?

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Yes, you can use 二人{ふたり} to refer to them. You would use this like:


If you want to be more polite, お二人、お二人さん would also work, while for keigo, お二方{ふたかた} is more appropriate.

To refer to a group of people as "That group (over there)", あの人{ひと}たち, あちらの人たち etc would be pretty standard, whereas あの方々{かたがた}, あちらの方々 etc would be more polite / keigo-compatible.

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