I'm still fairly a novice and I just came across the word "身になる" which apparently has several meanings. I looked up the word online to look for more examples. I came across this on a blog:


From what I can tell this was posted by an office lady venting about her boyfriend.

I'm unfortunately confused with the last line "用意する身にもなれっての".

The best translation I can come up with is "Try to imagine what it's like from my side, preparing (something?) for you."

That's most likely wrong so I'll take any help. Thanks.

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Your translation for 身になる is correct. And by 用意, she simply refers to preparation to accept that person as a guest to her house. This may involve preparing food, a bed etc. Less ambiguously, it would be something like




or something to that effect. This could have a different meaning in a more specific context, but in most situations this is what it would denote.

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