I have problems understanding following sentence, especially the meaning of 人の手により


Does he speak here about other designers? Something like

Until a new design is finished, I sometimes feel like as if all design options are exhausted, but I don't give up.


You're right, 多くの人の手 refers to (existing) efforts by many other people.

Grammatically speaking, there is a parenthetical aside in this sentence. That is, 多くの人の手により出尽くした感もあるけど has been inserted as an aside, as if it were in parentheses.

Until a new design is finished — although I can't help feeling all design options have been already exhausted by other people's hands — I don't give up.

In general, Japanese けど/けれど/が/etc can sometimes work like this. You probably know they can provide background/introductory information at the beginning of a sentence, but the same thing can happen in the middle of a sentence. Examples:

  • 私の友人にドイツ人がいて、といってもここ数年は会っていないのです、とてもビールについて詳しいですよ。
  • 私は、ほかに誰も希望者がいなければですけど、佐藤さんを推薦したいと思います。
  • 来週から1週間、本当はあまり行きたくないのだ、アメリカへ出張することになっている。

Another example here: Is my translation correct?

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