I have troubles finding the following expressions or the like in Japanese. It is in mathematical contexts:

  1. Differential geometry
  2. (Point-set) Topology
  3. Submanifolds
  4. Smooth functions

Are there places where I can find similar terms more directly? I know that jisho.org does cover some basic terms (yes, you can find stuff like Riemann curvature tensor) but sometimes I cannot find basic ones (like I can find geometry and manifold but not differential geometry).


Don Zagier has a 4-page scan of an English–Japanese Dictionary for Mathematical Terminology. Being only 4 pages short, it is only a "cheat sheet" and maybe serves less as a dictionary and more as a first vocabulary list of expressions to learn. (Japanese mathematics libraries will have dictionaries with hundreds of pages for this purpose.)

ALC's 英辞郎 which @Eiríkr Útlendi suggested in the comments seems to be quite complete as it contains even more technical terminology (such as derived functor, plurisubharmonic function, properly discontinuous action, etc.). Else, @Ringil's strategy of finding the term on Wikipedia and looking on the linked Japanese site is also a good strategy.

The terms you're asking about would be

  1. 微分幾何学【びぶんきかがく】 differential geometry
  2. 位相幾何学【いそうきかがく】 topology (the subject area)
  3. 部分多様体【ぶぶんたようたい】 submanifold/subvariety
  4. 滑らか【なめらか】な関数【かんすう】 smooth function

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