This is an excerpt from パン屋再襲撃 by 村上春樹. The main character and his wife are robbing a McDonald's. A girl who works there asks them a question.


My question is what does 悪いとは思うけれど mean? Who's thinking, and what do they think is bad?

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    May 6 '19 at 7:05

悪いとは思うけれど here means "I do feel sorry [for what we're doing to you], but"

The wife, who says this line, is expressing her apologetic feelings to the McDonald's girl. To paraphrase a little, she's essentially saying "Sorry you ended up being the one that we robbed, but the bakery wasn't open. So we chose this place instead."

悪い here is a word that expresses that one feels apologetic, like 申し訳ない or すまない. From デジタル大辞泉:

➄ 謝罪・感謝の意を表す語。申し訳ない。すまない。

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