This is the whole phrase and the sentence I don't understand is in bold:

サイア人を、 彼らが住む惑星ベジータごと

So "消滅させて" being passive and "サイア人" is the direct object, then "彼らが住む惑星ベジータごと" it's a clause that explain what the Sayajins are/were. ごと could be a nominalizing suffix like:

As to Furiza (...) the sayajins, they who living in the Vejita planet, were sadly extinguished from the universe (by Furiza?).

I don't undestand what they are using the dictionary form for 住む、 and if it's referring to "彼ら", the sayayins or modifying "惑星ベジータ", and i dont understand the use of ごと here.

Thanks form your help.

  • By the way, "消滅させて" is causative, not passive. And "〜てしまう" probably carries the sense of "do completely", and not "sadly/by mistake" here.
    – Milten
    May 6, 2019 at 14:54

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彼らが住む modifies 惑星, so 彼らが住む惑星 means "the planet they lived on." The suffix ごと means "as well as," "together with," "along with," or "and all" (as リンゴを皮ごと食べる – "eat an apple, peel and all"). Here, ごと is used to stress that this character "Freezer" didn't just destroy the Saiyan people, but their whole planet.

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